Italia: Ultimo Atto [Second Edition in Jewel-Box]



Second edition in standard Jewel-Box

This brand new effort magnificently reaches the monumental through almost 70 enthralling minutes dragging the audience into a new dramatic journey.
For this occasion a very special play is going to be staged, featuring as a main character a whole nation: Italy.
The darkest, gloomiest, most troubled and controversial chapters of the last 60 years of Italian history as seen through the eyes of those who are on the side of the Eternally Defeated: the humble, the idealist, the honest men.
The moral and spiritual dissolution of a nation is narrated with the appeal and the accents typical of Neorealism and more than just a reference to some of the greatest and most influential Dissidents of that time: from Pasolini to Curzio Malaparte, from Pietro Germi to Giorgio Gaber, and the bittersweet touch of Pure Popular Music of past decades (Dalida, Battisti, Morricone).
13 tracks engraved in IANVA's usual flamboyant background, here, probably, at its most powerful and lyrical height!

Mercy - vocals, concept, lyrics/music
Stefania T. D'Alterio - vocals, lyrics
Fabio Carfagna - electric & acoustic guitars, music
Francesco La Rosa - drums, percussions, programming
Fabio Gremo - double bass, acoustic & classic guitars, music
Azoth - electric bass
Giuseppe Spanò - piano, keyboards
Davide La Rosa - accordion
Roby Nappi Calcagno – trumpet

01 Prologo
02 Dov'Eri Tu Quel Giorno?
03 Galleria Delle Grazie
04 Negli Occhi D'Un Ribelle
05 La Stagione Di Caino
06 Luisa Ferida
07 Bora
08 In Compagnia Dei Lupi
09 Pasionaria
10 Cemento Armato
11 Piazza Dei Cinquecento
12 L'Estate Dei Silenzi
13 Italia Ultimo Atto – Epilogo

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