5 Minutes After I Die


CD Jewel-Box (DVLR 1) - DARK VINYL

Repressing, limited to 200 copies of their cult album from 1986.
This was the third BLACKHOUSE release, focusing on rhythmical noise and a pure feedback driven beat with enlightening vocals.
BLACKHOUSE are the grandfathers of rhythmic industrial and as most fans still say: HOPE LIKE A CANDLE and FIVE MINUTES AFTER I DIE are their best two albums ever!

1 Five Minutes After I Die 18:51
2 His Zion 2:40
3 Halo Hearth 1:17
4 Answers For You 5:16
5 A Thousand Tongues 2:17
6 Numerology 2:48
7 Five Minutes After I Die (Reprise) 11:44

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