Under A Demon's Mask


CD Digipack (Galakthorro 021) - GALAKTHORRO

Everybody who has seen the Buttgereit films "Nekromantik 1+2" and "Todesking", has heard of Hermann Kopp.
The music he wrote and performed for them is ever-present, pervading the atmosphere and has contributed considerably to the advancement of these films into classics.
He still retains to this day his exceptional musical ability, and proves it yet again. Galakthorrö is proud to be able to present 13 new songs from the nekrodramatist: more than 40 minutes of new material, which today - just as it did then - has as its core his dissonantly tempered and individualistic violin playing.
Combined with electronics, a host of weird instruments and metal percussion he creates an unequalled gruesome opus, carried by an effectively conceived minimalism, and the most beautiful and haunting Angst melodies imaginable.
So morbid and wonderful in fact, that we have to ask ourselves how we could manage to survive for so long without any new material from Hermann Kopp - and which demons were riding him that he had to keep us waiting so long.

Ellegant digipak plus 20 pages booklet !

1 Manichini Coloniali (2:50)
2 Ex-Voto (2:29)
3 Locus Solus (2:51)
4 Strahlungen (2:30)
5 The Great Automaton (5:23)
6 Frauen Verschwinden (4:16)
7 From Germany With Love (2:11)
8 Eroica (4:09)
9 Bandaged Head (2:19)
10 The 120 Days Of Sodom (3:07)
11 Devil In Disguise (2:54)
12 Triptychon (4:34)
12 O Haupt Voll Blut Und Wunden (3:16)

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