Within The Mind Of Ghost


CD Folder (LOKI 57) - LOKI

First released in 2007 as limited vinyl record catalogue # SKOGHOLT Nummer 01 "Within the Mind of Ghost" is the second manifestation of Fjernlys bringing warm, atmospheric and sensitive Ambientsongs with accented percussion elements, vibraphone sounds and brilliant viola supplements to set the electronic soundscapes into wonderfully concentrated and organic pieces.
After the massive earthing from the moon Fjernlys leads you to points of light illuminated by gilded signs and the frozen sun is shivering in the inner journeys to places where the mystic dress of stars is surrounding the night.
Clear homogenic sounds creeping deep organic rhythms with lovely effects have been incorporated in a poetic ambiance guided by brilliant vocals.
This outstanding melancholic and elegiac recordings follow the first album with even an more accoustic input like the reverbating guitar sound and the stringed bowed instruments too and give an handsel of the things to come.

1 Arrival FTM
2 The Point Of Light
3 A Gilded Sign
4 Flash Crimson
5 Frozen Sun
6 A Dress Of Stars
7 Wings Of Desire
8 Nocturnal Wine

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