Overlook Hotel


CD Digipack (Tumor CD 50) - MALIGNANT

The digital version of that album previpusly out only as a vinyl LP.
NB : features tracks not featured on the LP ! As well as new song titles.

Overlook Hotel heralds the return of the mighty KNO, the collaborative project between Swedish industrial legend Peter Nystrom (Megaptera, Negru Voda), and Norwegian up and comer Kristoffer Oustad (V:28, Plague Machinery).
Five years after the highly acclaimed brakeHead CD, KNO welcomes you into the Overlook Hotel, where every room has a ghost, and every room has a story to tell.
Travel the hallways and explore, as you venture into a more cerebral musical state than what brakeHEAD offered, where ghostly transmissions and hypnotic layers of surreal, ethereal atmospheres intersect with disembodied voices, clattering, furnace blasting percussion, and of course, healthy injections of true, old fashioned industrial noise and sweeping doom, done in the best Scandinavian style (imagine if Deutsch Nepal had continued in the same path laid bown by Benevolence and you start to get the idea).
The pacing of the album is truly impeccable, flowing seamlessly from to track, as if moving from room to room in a hazy, dream state, the layering and cohesiveness on a whole nothing short of meticulous.

Tracklist .
1 The Night Corridor 2:04
2 Cleaning Still Houses 5:53
3 The Tale And The Variation 1:02
4 Industrial Pale Ale 7:30
5 Becoming The Green 5:02
6 Vulgalina Fever 6:16
7 Helvetesfallet 4:21
8 It's A Test 6:57
9 Ned I Det Bunnløse 0:30
10 Astronaut 47 4:47

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