The Pink And Purple World Of Dishonesty



"The Pink and Purple World of Dishonesty" is an unpublished novel or screenplay by Tom Fazzini, vibes player for Small Good Thing.
A brief excerpt in the liner notes of a story that seems to be about vice cops in a gritty city somewhere.
This CD, perhaps, is the score to the film.
It's an ambient wash of lounge jazz, sounding like the score of every noir film you've ever seen.
At moments lovely, at moments tedious, it's closest to Badalamenti's work on the Twin Peaks score.
Only, without David Lynch to capture your attention, you can get a bit lost in soft soundscape.

1 Up 2:23
2 Peep Show Eccentriques 7:53
3 Flyblown On 15th 3:31
4 Skeleton Lift Service 1:29
5 Needled 2:11
6 Between Floors 2:03
7 Intermission (Dud Speaks) 2:38
8 Re-arranged Face 4:58
9 Dyspeptic & Blue 1:45
10 Foyerism 1:15
11 In Walked Dud 0:48
12 The Square Root Of Lonely 3:42
13 Shafted 2:26
14 A Twist Of Lemon 3:18
15 Headshrunk 1:41
16 Ostrichism 2:27
17 Top Of The World 4:53
18a Bryan Ferry 1:03
18b Silence 9:00
18c Untitled 3:21
18d Silence 0:07
18e Untitled 1:14
18f Silence 0:09
18g Untitled 1:37

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