Art Of Noises - 110th Anniversary


LP (Aussaat 30) - AUSSAAT

Limited Edition 300 copies

At a time when so many artists, from both the pop and punk scenes, discover themselves a "bruitist" past overnight, ENTRE VIFS wanted to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the genuine Art of Noises, in the form of an LP presenting an unreleased extract from our last improvised “home session” before our 2019 public concert in Paris.
An 8-page booklet summarizes the aesthetic journey of our Bruitist Ensemble in the form of excerpts from the manifestos that have marked its existence since its origins.

"Those who see most clearly into the future are those who create it.
Creation is not a reshaping of materials from the past from which novelty would "emerge" as if by magic, it is the future that attracts us to it and makes us realize it."

Limited edition of 300 - Including booklet

A. Session 57A-1
B. Session 57A-2

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