CD Digisleeve (Aussaat – 21) - AUSSAAT

Limited Edition 200 copies

Available in March 2022

As foreign to post-punk mythology as it is to futuro-fascist nostalgia, unfettered noisecraft sculpts a panorama of pure forms in the chaos of sound, discernible only by their texture, coloring and evolution over time.

This enacting ((pref. to "implementation") of the sound mass as an abstract material is anchored in the immediate experience by letting each listener arrange their own mental associations and become a fully-fledged actor in the bruitist experience.

After two decades of interruption during which, it must be said, sound experiments around noise have hardly been noticed, Entre Vifs is resuscitating its modular system built around artisanal noise instruments supplemented by an integrated sound processing system and mixing - notably the delay pedals without hoods, used as percussion, which are part of our trademark.

The home sessions presented on this CD release our tenth Bruitist Unit (UB 10), before our live concert in November 2019 at Les Voûtes, in Paris.
The sounds of the trickiest instruments to adjust have been digitally sampled and made accessible via a vintage sampler controlled by the keyboard of a laptop - an alternative to the "4-track sounds" on cassettes of our last sessions of the past century.

Limited edition of 200 copies + Sticker.

1. Session 57B-1 (13:15)
2. Session 57B-2 (17:31)
3. Session 58A-3/a (12:31)
4. Session 58A-3/b (15:57)

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