Kosmodrom / Космодром


2xCD Box (LOKI/PAS 33) - LOKI

Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD and CD/MCD edition which has long since sold out.
Now available again - remastered and expanded! The 2xCD box includes the original album and the MCD with five extra tracks, which turns the second disc into an additional full length release.
Includes 12-page booklet.

In BAD SECTOR's 20 years of existence Massimo Magrini has developed a sound aesthetic of harmonious sonic drones that marked its beginning with the first album AMPOS in 1995. Many releases and a decade later the ground breaking work KOSMODROM was published and sold out within a few months.
Dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the Russian pioneer of astronautic theory, the key element in BAD SECTOR´s music (bringing together science and sound) was brought into the foreground with this release.
Original Soviet sound devices like the Aelita synthesizer and the electro-optical ANS (which Coil also worked with) were mixed with heavily processed sources from space missions, adding an unearthly human dialogue to the electronics.
The sounds on KOSMODROM are deep and droning, pulsating and constantly flowing with processed rhythmic sequences, supported by a bed of radio signal recordings.
A timeless masterpiece of deep ambient electronica!

01 energiya
02 telemetry
03 june 16, 1963
04 baikonur
05 extravehicular
06 vjezna
07 orbiter
08 beacon
09 april 12, 1961
10 kosmos

01 oktober 4, 1957
02 extravehicular 2
03 cosmos 69
04 plesetsk
05 almaz
06 zvezdi
07 kapustin yar
08 tchaika
09 extravehicular 3

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