Way of Crosses



Though only people themselves create History, they always prefer to re-write it afterwards, being horrified and embarrassed by what they have committed.
But sometimes we must make bold to face the truth and to acknowledge the fact that we are guilty of what we made and that we are guilty towards History.
And we must carry our own cross and pass our own way and once reach the Golgotha of our own conscience.

14 outstanding compositions of one of most enigmatic artists in the neo folk/industrial scene.
14 songs presented on this album were recorded in various years, composed in various styles and sung in various languages. Just truth stays invariable.

1  Advocatus Dei 7:05
2  Der Meldereiter 5:46
3  Gebirge, See, Flachland, Spree 6:50
4  Good-Bye Gulag 7:55
5  Križni Put 3:57
6  O Sacrum Convivium 7:34
7  (Tri) Srca Junacka 3:57
8  Jugendklang 4:27
9  Ž.A.P. 3:29
10  Nezdrava Tvorba 9:42
11  Richtfunk Gen Osten 5:36
12  Kreuzweg 18(-41) - (45-)91 2:05
13  Dra Mi De 6:06
14  Shadows Will Survive 3:46

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