Caged inside the Beast of the Forge

BOCKSHOLM [Deutsch Nepal + raison d'être / RAISON D'ETRE]


The two drunken bastards from Bocksholm (Peter Andersson / raison d'etre and Lina Baby Doll / Deutsch Nepal) are finally back with a new album and this time they have unleashed the Beast.
Any mythological idea that Boxholm has become a great peaceful Eden is from now on eternally disproved.
No one is safe anymore, not even the horror of Kisa.
Birath - the Beast of the forge - is back and we are all captives inside his devilish mind, at least for 60 minutes after pressing play.
Enjoy with a bottle of moonshine.

Tracklist :
1 The Phantomghost 3:03
2 Bögamord 9:39
3 Koeven 9:45
4 Mobil Oil 6:06
5 Jerndöd 7:34
6 Bi-Rath, The Beast Of The Forge 5:39
7 Forging Hammers 7:00
8 Bx, Ribbing & Burén 4:43
9 Suplhur 3:48

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