Music Cassette (Kieh! Kieh! – #18) - KIEH! KIEH!

Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian writer and intellectual (1909-1974).
Throughout his life, he held a strong interest in the field of parapsychology and was particularly intrigued by the possibility of an afterlife.
Raudive devoted much of his research to investigating Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and in 1971 published a book on the subject entitled "Breakthrough".
EVP refers to instances of audible voices on electronic recordings, which are often interpreted as originating from a paranormal source, such as spirits.
This tape features early recordings of EVP, which provide listeners with an opportunity to hear ghosts.

Clear yellow or clear purple shell.

A.  A General Introduction With Examples Of The Voices
B.  Examples Of Microphone, Radio Frequency, Diode, Goniometer And Psychophone Voices

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