Live in Japan 2003


CD Jewel Box (Teito 009) - TEITO

Live documentation of the first Teito live series , Teito-Seiatsu ( Imperial city subdued ). 5/3/2003 is 2nd day of that event and Con-dom played his "songs" in A small theater in Tokyo.
For this oocasion he was asked to play "a different side of con-dom" and here is what he had done that night !
It is still loud and powerful, but surely has a "different" touch.
More theatrical and multi-dimentional...
Four years was needed to release this cd, but it was worth waiting for!
A brilliant manifestation of the best Con-Dom !
Dealing with Mishima / Japanese submission / Japanese Domination.
Higly Recommended !

1a Blue Sky
1b Master Speaks (To Shoko Asahara)
1c Patriotism (Yukoku)
1d Some People Never Got The Chance
1e Hatred
1f Many Are Called But Few Get Up

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