DEKADENZ is BIZARRE UPROAR's 88 to a newly evolved faith which cold-hearted anabolic destructive order - see the to excrete protracted violent bereavement and terror - far beyond any imaginable perverse fetishism.
Now, evangelized under the blacken banner of a double-negative yin-yang symbol, Bizarre Uproar emerge from the shadows as a decadent rubber-clad hangman with sadistic inclinations and strong inherent death drive.
The previously expressed predatory psycho-sexual cause is no longer exclusively dedicated pleasure carnage and death ritualization, but furthered to include a dire calculating purist-revisionist discriminatory zeal, which worship the deterioration of society and the individual through excessive acts of domination by violence - be it mental or physical.
Bizarre Uproar is birthed from the sick and anti-social mind of Markkula.
A triumphant decadent orgy, slow crushing anti-social terror and self-annihilation crave.
Dekadenz contains four slow, torturous traumas, clocking over 40 minutes of high-volume recorded music which emanate: Serrated frequency assaults and thunderous rhythmic bombardment - to coffined disquieting auras.
Bizarre Uproar's wrecked and raspy vocal abuse is entombed within the audio-tonnage, and reeks of manic fist to throat hatred.
In a couple of words: Best Finnish Power-Electronics Terrorism.

1 Jumalan Teatteri 1:56
2 Alistusakti 7:45
3 Vaurio 9:47
4 Damage 20:13

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