Female Female Female



Brand new release from the English experimental / noise perversions project, founded in 1991 by All Brentnall.
Mlehst presents four lengthy ttracks (64 minutes) running the gamut of in-your-face harsh noise to pulsating electronics, avant-garde experiments, and metallic drones.

A prolific artist with over 80 albums and dozens of EPs on hard-to-find cassettes and vinyl (often in small quantities).
You can find his vast back catalogue on labels such as Oxidation, New Forces, Self Abuse, RRRecords, Mother Savage, and his own labels Belief Recordings / Bandaged Hand Produce.

1 Female Female Female
2 Penelope Knew It Was A Mistake To Invite The Other Girls From Latin Class To Help With Conjugation Tables
3 Japanese Widow
4 La Reyne Le Veult

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