CD Digipack (ACD 023) - AUTARKEIA

I/CON is an exploration of religion as a both a catalyst for mental illness born of the human condition and as a disease itself.
These are the incessant and uncontrollable screams of a deified ego mired in its own fallacies, of the pious and the possessed, of hypocrisy and holocaust, of resurrection and insurrection, of suffocating paranoia and immaculate deception, a final descent into a mind consumed with lies left to putrefy since youth, a head first plummet into the burning depths of malignant neuroses where the borders between reality and aberration have been razed, a maelstrom of auditory hallucinations and recurring apocalyptic nightmares. The dark ambient interludes of previous F/I/T/H releases are absent from this release having been replaced by a highly hysterical hallucinatory component resulting from the use of human voices used as a key of the aspect of the source material.
I/CON shunts pure psychosis through eleven tracks of densely layered power electronics / industrial / noise leaving no room to breathe.

1. learning to breathe
2. of rape and rapture
3. written in her own blood mk.II
4. fissures in the lining
5. retreat
6. speaking in severed tongues
7. your scars
8. intravenous incendiary device
9. father knows best
10. sewn shut [torn open]
11. the least of our errors

Special golden CD.

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