Our God Is A Consuming Fire


CD Digipack (ACD 028) - AUTARKEIA

The Dutch project, just like its earlier output, aims at the exposure of hope institute promoted by the Christian religion.
The album is characterised by the transparent but melancholic atmosphere, where each track radiates with quiet and modest despair.
Our God Is A Consuming Fire is the high class of ambient deeply affecting human emotions.
In short, this album may be labelled the despair consolidated in sound.

1. intro=aduro
2. a strange kind of grace
3. every tongue should confess
4. blooming still
5. yet so as by fire
6. demiurg
7. our god is a consuming fire
8. sleep children, sleep
9. this is where apathy lives
10. all your ashes
11. outro=exuro

Special Golden CD !

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