Instructions From Konstantin Lopushansky


CD Digipack (acd 058) - AUTARKEIA

Geid and Dega, members of the industrial/ambient formation MALDUR ATAI, have recorded an album inspired by fatal post-apocalyptic films of the talented Russian director Konstantin Lopushansky.
In their musical work they remind of a horrible nightmare where the future can be glimpsed only in eerie fragments of the past.
The new post-apocalyptic world is bizarre and hopeless, therefore the surviving people dream to wake up but sadly, the dream would not go away.
A new reality with no existential meaning, an absolute dead-end that has destroyed the majority of the population and made the surviving ones wish for death.
The message of the album authors, like the films of the Russian director, is crystal clear: the dream is soon set to become the only prospect of the human civilisation.
Mastered by ambient genius Peter Andersson (RAISON D’ETRE).

Tracklist :
1 Inter-continental Atomic Missiles Approaching 4:01
2 Catalyzing Consciousness 16:04
3 Negligence Of Moral Law 4:42
4 Museum Of The Dead Man 9:57
5 Radiance Of Infinity 14:01

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