The Aberrant Laboratory


CD Jewel Box (DV 52) - DARK VINYL

Industrial, Brooding ambience, cutting frequencies combined with od melodies!
Gruntsplatter, is a maleable creature that hovers in the gray area between abrasive noise and dark ambient, let's call it : "noise ambient" with an eye to esoteric and ritual and the other to death and blood ...

Tracklist :
1 Sifting Genius From The Taboo 4:55
2 The Furnace Of Hippocratic Transgression 5:43
3 Experiments In Circumventing Evolution 6:05
4 Deliberating Galvanic Animation 7:14
5 The Singular Accidents Of Life 7:20
6 Clamoring Torches Ring The Hives Of Science 9:05
7 Inhospitable Genetics And The Mythology Of Monsters 8:23
8 A Congregation Of Regrettable Biology 5:23
9 Repercussions That Empty The Streets 8:43
10 Can You See The Blood On The Burgundy Sea? 7:36

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