CD Digipack (42nd Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

The Heliopause, the point outside our solar system where the solar wind ceases to be, transitioning into what is known as the Interstellar Medium and where our sun becomes just another pinprick of light amongst a billion others.
If you were to find yourself stranded in such a place with nothing but a radio receiver, Gustaf Hildebrand imagines that this is what you would hear, low rumbling soundscapes interspersed with bursts of static, com-chatter and signal interceptions from a distant world.
Vestiges of humanity bubble up from the ether, speaking encoded messages in the form of numerical combinations and long-forgotten cyphers, their true meanings lost or hidden away inside the memory banks of decommissioned satellites.
This new chapter in Hildebrand’s discography reaffirm’s his position as a true visionary and unique craftsman of exploratory sonorities.

Tracklist :
1 Cataclysmic Variable 6:26
2 Array 5:05
3 Nomadic Singularity 6:05
4 Heterodyne 5:41
5 Manifold 5:07
6 Decaying Orbit 5:40
7 Nucleus 5:43
8 Accretion 6:17
9 Vacuum Geometry 6:05

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