Heavy Metal Cyclothymia / Science Friction



Veprisuicida is the most primitive and noisy of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov works.
His industrial projects are widely celebrated among underground, but Veprisuicida seems to be far less recognized.
It's charm is in brutal and manually crafted primitive industrial waste.
Eerie feeling of old Soviet avantgarde clashes with industrial-noise tape manipulations.
It is nearly impossible to find as rugged, as crude and as rusty industrial noise in genre these days.
Bleak and rotten sound, with broken mechanical feel, were saturated tape manipulations and disruptive pause edits add further charm.
It's very far from bombastic effects and plastic sounding digital distortions and results of heavily layered on-screen editing.
With its rawness, Veprisuicida may be *too much* for those looking more entertaining music.
For lovers of fierce and difficult ripping industrial noise, finally as real CD, with original graphics.

§ Heavy Metal Cyclothymia
1 Heavy Metal Cyclothymia 30:16

§ Science Friction
2 Untitled 23:25
3 Untitled 8:22

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