10" Picture Disc (OPNEP 002 / DC 999) - OPN

Following their previous collaboration under the name of Univers Carcéral with Divine Comedy records, HIV + & Babylone Chaos, two well known musical projects within the French industrial scene, join once again their talents to give birth to this new 10”ep picture disc.
Both the visual and the music show the maturity of the french underground industrial scene, which has constantly drawn out through the years the picture of a dark vision made of rough and incisive sounds.
This sonic object has to be considered as the final testament from HIV+.
For their final release under this moniker, Pedro & HIV + give us 3 tracks to be considered as an electronic & industrial manifesto, covering in an amazing way the “Warm leatherette” track from The Normal. For their part, Babylone Chaos, after their ‘Les machines écarlates’ album, have composed 2 epic and tortuous tracks bringing the listener in an introspective journey between old school noise and concrete music.

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