Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium


CD Digipack (ZOHAR 022-2) - ZOHARUM

Finally the reissue of this long-deleted "very classic album" by this legendary Belgian project.
"Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" is an unusual album, even in comparison with other Hybryds works.
It was created especially for the 150th anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo.
The music was composed by Sandy with the help of Hermann (Ah-Cama Sotz) and was woven in between the sounds of dolphins, killer whales and the noise of the underwater world.
The Zoo director wrote the following in the preface: "Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" is a musical journey of the similar stature as "20 000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Julius Verne.
Let this be the best recommendation for those who haven't had a chance to get one of the most interesting Hybryds albums and one of the best industrial-ambient works ever.
Don't miss one of the best industrial-ambient albums ever !

Tracklist :
Orca 4:38
In De Koralijne Schijndiepten 8:03
Het Enigma Der Dolfijnen 6:26
In The Wake Of The Great Sea-Serpents 6:05
L'ivresse Des Grandes Profondeurs 7:13
Archeozoicum 8:24
Into The Ultrasonic Depths 10:10
Wailing For The Whales 10:28
Coda By Ivo And Dolly 1:44
Hidden Track 10:38

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