Live at Morden Tower


Music Cassette (PPT-06) - PINK PISS TAPES

Limited Edition 50 copies

Sixth tape out on the Italian label "PISS PINK TAPES" run by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.
This time PPT is going for the release of a monumental classic of "Noise" dated 1983 featuring two early performances.
Originally those recordings were self-released by TNB in a very limited tape.
Finally here comes the tape re-edition dated 2021 in 50 hand-numbered copies.

Here is what prominent labels / zines / artists was writing about those "early noise" recordings >>

''Live At Morden Tower' sees TNB continue their work with anti-theories, anti-instruments and anti-music.
An abrasive and unrelenting attack where metal scrapes, slams and drags against hissing noise-generators and piercing feedback.
The Blockaders seem to take great joy in dealing with the uncertainty and often precarious nature of live confrontations.'

'The crackle of broken amplifiers precipitates a whole new order of independently morphing soundforms, all giving shape via flashes of metallic lightening, smashed glass, trashed microphone feedback and acoustic low-end pellets that scale the walls like slugs. Gradually accruing hypnotic significance, they birth spontaneous form in the shape of textures and recur with such accumulative force, they threaten to collapse the performance under its own weight.'

'My first listening experience of TNB was 'Live At Morden Tower' in 1983.
I marveled at the unbelievably relentless inaccessible intensity of their sound.
I became fascinated by them.
I became a kind of TNB 'groupie.''
Toshiji Mikawa / Incapacitants

'The cyclone hits and sheets of metal shriek down like rain… Unrelenting and visceral, it’s a phoenix in its execution and a peacock in its diversity. Squeaking and rolling, quacking and cajoling, the sound spikes and spills from the guts of that time and place. These recordings are almost 40 years old and still hold the same power to incite, unnerve and inspire as they did when they first emerged.'

'TNB subject their audience to a pummeling that even a young William Bennett (Whitehouse) would have been proud.
Piercing electronics create what can only be described as pure cacophony.
Steel bars get thrown around and nails get hammered into floors.
Full-on brutalism that would lay down the gauntlet for the likes of Merzbow to pick up later.'
Idwal Fisher

Visionary Metamorphoses Art-Work by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.
Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies with full printed tape-body and double-sided printed cover.
Exclusively distributed through OLD EUROPA CAFE

A.  July, 1983
B.  Oct, 1983 (also features Sir Ashleigh Grove)


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