Meditamentum I


CD Sleevecard + banderole (MANCD45 ) - MANIFOLD

Reissue into digital format of this classic tape already re-released also into vinyl ...

The masterful german drone-guitar trio is now just a memory.
But by culling the best tarnished gems from cassettes and compilations, Meditamentum I becomes a seamless, darkly grand proclamation of the wordless beauty and sorrow that was Maeror Tri.
This album is probably the more ambient of any other Maeror Tri release, going for more textural guitar and drift than the rumbling, backwards-chord sound.
Comes in a brown artboard sleevecard plus cloth banderole with MT wheel logo , four-page booklet inside inspired by rough layouts of cassette-years past gives plenty of text to absorb with the sounds.

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