An Awkward Pause (Special Edition)



Long awaited re-issue.
'An Awkward Pause' is one of Steven Stapleton's most well-loved albums, and now just to entice fans into essentially buying the same record twice it has been packaged up with a jam-packed second disc of exclusive bonus material.
The main album saw Stapleton in collaboration with David Tibet (who re-issues the record on his own Durtro/Janana imprint), Christoph Heemann, Colin Potter and Petr Vastl and between them the group managed to put together an original and surprising album using unusual ethnic instruments and more familiar feeding back guitars and synthesizers.
What we end up with is five tracks which represent Stapleton's unique and influential vision remarkably well, while occasionally 'rocking out' (notably on 'Two Shaves and a Shine'), and the album as a whole is incredible involving.
Whether using abstract outré jazz sounds, avant rock drones or post-industrial grinding everything is rounded off perfectly and moulded into a 'beginners guide to NWW' if you like.
Interestingly the extra disc serves as an additional insight into the tracks as it features demos and early versions, some of which sound just as good if not better than the finished product.
Also for those of you who fancy trying your hand at rewiring 'Two Shaves and a Shine', Stapleton has kindly provided the track's component parts here for your remixing pleasure.

An Awkward Pause
1-1 Intravenous 8:00
1-2 Two Shaves And A Shine (Concerto For Bouzouki And 3 Piece Rock Group In 93 Six Second Segments) 9:48
1-3 The Penis Fruit Loop 25:23
1-4 Lunar Cement Sidewalk 10:38
1-5 Mummer's Little Weeper 5:44

2-1 Mummer's Little Weeper (Kinky Whim Demo) 5:38
2-2 Intravenous (Unrefined Component No.1) 5:28
2-3 Disposition One 5:39
2-4 Intravenous (Unrefined Component No.2) 5:07
2-5 Disposition Two 4:46
2-6 Penis Fuit Loop (Bald And Beardless Version) 7:56
2-7 Intravenous (Plump Aerospheric Mix) 8:46
2-8 Disposition Three 5:00
2-9 Intravenous (Unrefined Component No.3) 6:17
2-10 Two Shaves And A Shine (Original Archaic Demo) 1:53
2-11 Two Shaves And A Shine (Ingredients) 1:52
2-12 Two Shaves And A Shine (Bastard Disco Version) 4:45
2-13 Mummer's Little Weeper (Mud Ooze Sloth Mix) 5:27

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