Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg's



Another early release from Nurse With Wound gets the remastering treatment, but more than that, this CD reissue doubles the amount of material found on the original LP, providing alternate, reworked versions of each of the original issue's pieces.
Recorded in 1983, this album stands as one of Stephen Stapleton's earliest ventures into his unpredictable tape loop Dadaism, yet somehow it all seems timeless.
This has a lot to do with the spotless sound quality, rendering every plundered tone and woozy manipulation in crystalline clarity.
The alternate versions of the original LP pieces are magnificent in their own right, providing a very different slant on an already perplexing labyrinth of sound.
This is British musique concrète experimentation of the very highest order, every bit as beguiling and terrifying in 2008 as it ever could have been.

§ Original Vinyl Version
1 Several Odd Moments Prior To Lunch 9:48
2 Phenomenon Of Aquarium And Bearded Lady 5:32
3 Dirty Fingernails 15:41

§ Reworked CD Version
4 Odd 2:41
5 Aquarium 5:58
6 Dirty Fingernails 10:32

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