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NVV (Nauravien Varjojen Veljeskunta) was inspired by folk horror films, Theodor Kittelsen, King of Sartar, becoming a father, bumblebees, frogs, pines, junipers, heathers, barley, oats, the village of Kontttila, mysteries of Anukka, patriotic feelings and THE TRUE BROTHERHOOF OF THE LAUGHING SHADOWS.
NVV is an album of opposing forces: of improvisation and intent, subtle and obscure rural noise resting on top of pastoral soundscapes with highly evocative spoken word segments.
Nuori Veri masterfully conveys the banes of rural isolation and the weight of tradition.
NVV immerses the listener fully into its world 

Recorded at Brownhill during the first half of 2023.
Mastered by Pekka Kiiliäinen.
Nuori Veri stands for esoteric rural resistance and animal rights.

Limited edition of 100 copies - Side A and B are identical.

1.  Ensimmäinen miekka
2.  Nuijapäiden myrskystä
3.  Kodinturvajoukot kokoontuvat perämetsässä
4.  Nauravien varjojen veljeskunta
5.  Vihreä raunio II

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