Obsidian Outlander



‘Obsidian Outlander’ slowly weaves together droning fabric of guitars and analog synths that melt together with abstract sounds and field recordings.
Whereas earlier works have been more holistic in nature, 'Obsidian Outlander' is maybe the most narrow-focused thus far - bound to only certain frame and concept. The album exhales its nocturnal essence upon the listener and inhales this sensory experience back into Aeoga's mythopoetical dimension, crystallizing into a vision of a vigil standing before a slowly throbbing corpsecloth, while the black loom weaves the fabric of UN-inverse-OM.

The CD comes enclosed in a customised and screen printed Sublunar series cardboard covers, including three two-sided insert cards.

1. Initiatory Boil
2. Rot-Magnetism
3. The Black Loom
4. Obsidian Towering
5. Outer Observatory
6. The Sublime Canvas

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