Port Said


2xCD Digifile (aquarel 38-17) - AQUARELLIST

Reissue of the original material previously published on 12" by Audio.nl in 1999.
Sounds are more Electrtonic-Industrial, a very distinct synthesizer sound, which is rhythmical in itself yet this time it is Muslimgauze without his usual tabla's and other hand drumsnot in the usual Muslimgauze dub or oriantal-tribal vein...

Plus bonus CD with remixes on original tracks by:
A.P., Bass Communion, Dead Voices On Air, Esplendor Geométrico, In Death It Ends, Rapoon, Scanner, Simon Crab, Pacific 231, QST (Frans de Waard), Troum, Velehentor.
Remixes range from some very deep drone music by Troum, via the noisy approach of Velehentor to the somewhat lighter sounds by Dead Voices On Air, Rapoon and Pacific 231 on one hand, but in most pieces there is some form of rhythm.
From basic structures with Bass Communion and A.P. towards more up-tempo pieces by Esplendor Geometrico, QST, Simon Crab, In Death It Ends all in varying degrees of techno music, while Scanner is going for modular synth and radio in his mix...
A really fine compilation of remixes.

§ CD 1 - Port Said
1-1 Muslimgauze - Port Said 1
1-2 Muslimgauze - Port Said 2

§ CD 2 - Report Said
2-1 A.P. - Ionospheric Dub
2-2 Bass Communion - Port Said
2-3 Dead Voices On - Air MZmz
2-4 Esplendor Geométrico - Geometric Said
2-5 In Death It Ends - Port Said (iDie mix)
2-6 Pacific 231 - Lavish
2-7 QST - Port Said (QST 2015)
2-8 Rapoon - Night Train To Heliopolis
2-9 Scanner - Horizontal, Elemental Mix
2-10 Simon Crab - Pad Riots
2-11 Velehentor - بورسعيد (صدى الروسية)
2-12 Troum - Port Sad

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