Segments of Fractured Cranium

MACROMENIA [Macronympha / Armenia]


Includes original Macronympha boss Joseph Roemer and Latinoamerican Noise guru Leonardo Sabatto / Armenia.
Concept was an analysis of how extreme imagery in metal/noise/experimental album covers could affect the psyche of the individual and how it may manifest in his/her daily life.
We live in a world where indifference and coldness manifests making us emotionless individuals.
Violent US noise by those long time masters of the genre.

1.  Ripping Muliebrous Tissue 8:12
2.  No Vindication For Monstrous Nature 6:51
3.  Deserted Raucous Overture 6:47
4.  Voluminous Ineptness Blossoms Defectuous Personages 3:49
5.  Cockalorum Hindrance 3:07
6.  Habituated To Lascivious Idée Fixe 3:40
7.  Exasperated+Nauseated 4:14

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