Silbergrauer Staub



Limited Edition 170 copies

A re-release.
The debut album of Antlers Mulm from 2003 - not less than a stunning thing.
It's dedicated to German S. Titov, to the kosmonaut, to the nonconformist.
Coming from his former art project Radio Eichenlaub - a constructivist's/cut up wing foundation operating with samples of tracks from the Pet Shop Boys and Orchestral Maneuovres in the Dark - Hans Johm showed up a brighter side with his new incarnation.
Glissening electronic scenes, sparingly used synth layers, heavy doses of war drums and drum-machine sounds, the narrative voice; something began to move on, spreading it's audiovisual aesthetics - a origin was created.
With it's "song-but-not-a-song"-songs Antlers Mulm was and still is a fundamental influence on sonic projects and bands.
"Silbergrauer Staub" bears the weighty seed of "snowscapes, feral loops and grubby dub" - as Hans Johm characterizes Antlers Mulm a decade later.

This second edition comes in a strictly limited edition of only 170 copies.
CD cardsleeve plus 6 postcards.

1. Cleaner
2. Morgerot
3. Feeding You
4. 7th
5. C2
6. Untruth
7. A Place to Face Tomorrow
8. C3
9. Out Of Line
10. Im Meer
11. Gipfelsturm
12. C4
13. Silbergrauer Staub
14. Ferne Freunde
15. Sunloop

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