Spiritual Sounds for Artsakh

Various Artists

2xCD Digipak (SK144) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 200 copies

20 musicians from around the world created a neofolk / neoclassical charity compilation for the Armenians of Artsakh who were prosecuted and forced to move from their land during Winter 2020.
Mastering has been done by Paul Lavigne (InfoKontrast Mastering, London, UK).
Compilation and idea by Thalie Némésis / thalienemesis.wordpress.com
Album released October 22 2021.
From Neo-Folf to Neo-Classic.

1.  Munknörr– Eikthyrnir
2.  Sixteen Strings Under– All We've Said Was A Whisper
3.  Arus– Eyes On Fire
4.  Lament Lull– Anantailis
5.  Katana – Farväl
6.  Sonnenkind– A Cold Night In Germany (Demo)
7.  Imbaru– Una Melodia En El Robledal
8.  Cabinet Noir– Azatamartikneri Poghota
9.  Meadows At Night– Seven For A Secret (Not To Be Told)
10.  Miel Noir and Changes– (In)tolérance (Acoustic Version)
11.  The Question – The Flight
12.  Walden– Winterreise
13.  Vetten Runotar– Pirunkirkko
14.  Le Choeur Des Ombres– Hayr
15.  Regard Extrême– Amazones
16.  Milos Asian– Corpus Y
17.  Crazy Sandy– Ombre Est Lumière
18.  Otto Van Kleist– Myal
19.  Uwe Nolte– Ave Roma
20.  Darmstadt 1313– Tigrane II
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