Termination Transmission


CD Digipak (SK161) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 100 copies

Bresthaft is German for maimed or crippled.
And that is certainly how Termination Transmission will leave you feeling: mentally crushed and mutilated.
On their second Steinklang release, the German act assault the listener with 12 tracks of harrowing, grating, vicious power electronics noise that leaves nothing alive in its wake.
With ties to long-running and prolific Flutwacht, Bresthaft explores a darker, grittier and far more filthy side of post-industrial electronics. Termination Transmission unveils an utterly misanthropic, nihilistic and hostile world of dirt, grime, disease and deformity.
Unrelenting layers of crackling distortion, rumbling synthesizers, nasty higher frequencies and moments of all-out cacophony combined with stern, negative vocals lay bare the rotten core of the world.
Termination Transmission is an ultra-negative condemnation of all the decay, rot, disease and detritus that make the world of today.

Limited edition of 100 copies

1 The Lord Of Iron
2 A Bitter Wine
3 You
4 The Final Transmission
5 Dismembering Angels
6 Something Nice And Beautiful Before I Die
7 The Red Forest
8 Untitled
9 The Love Of Your Life Is An Excrement Of Your Mind
10 Crawling Emanation Of Filth
11 Dehumanize Us
12 Blood Trails

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