The Iron Oak



Limited Edition 150 copies

The Copenhagen based neofolk band presents its first full length album ‘The Iron Oak.’ Standing behind Dune Messiah is Magnus Westergaard, the previous guitar player in the post-punk band The Woken Trees.

As Dune Messiah he unfolds a harsh neofolk style of music intersecting between the industrial and the organic sound. On “The Iron Oak” oil barrels, drum machines and synthesizers are being orchestrated along with acoustic guitar, piano and whistles, all awhile stripped and merciless lyrics attack the listener in an absolute necessity. American folk and country is being mixed with 80’s punk and noise in which manic distortion and ominous synths interrupt acoustic passages.

Dune Messiah is not afraid of being over the top. Magnus Westergaard makes rather a virtue of creating dramatic releasing and honest music that can change the sincerity in the danish music scene. That goal was already present on EP ‘Little’ and he continues to explore it on ‘The Iron Oak’ which is more far reaching and complex than the previous release.

A collaboratiove release by: Third Coming Records (FR), Instruments Of Discipline (DE), Premium Abundance (DK).
Oxblood Red Vinyl - limited to only 150 copies.

A1 Alive 3:24
A2 What You've Become 3:38
A3 This Far 3:34
A4 In My Arms 4:39
A5 Featherless Creatures 4:06
A6 Our Little Game 3:07
B1 We Vanish 5:38
B2 At The Borders Of Malice 4:09
B3 Buried In The Sand 4:47
B4 The Fall 5:48
B5 The Joys Of Spring 2:27

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