The Line & The Hook



Limited Edition 150 copies

The Line & The Hook was originally released in 2001 only on CD, through Redroom Records, and via World Serpent Distribution.
For this special re-mastered vinyl edition there are several rare or previously unreleased Sieben tracks:
- a cover of Jacques Brel’s "Amsterdam"
- the original acoustic version of "Loki"
- "Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood" (the original, unheard version written for the SAW II film soundtrack album)
- "Brief As A Flower"   (a Sieben-only original version of this track , written for Howden/Wakeford)
- a re-working of the track "Völkerschlachtdenkmal"
Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden between 2000 and 2001.
Emotional and very British Pop-Folk sounds at their best!

Limited to 150 copies.

A1     Völkerschlachtdenkmal    
A2     No Less Than All    
A3     Christmas 1914    
A4     Promises Of An Earth Sufficient     

B1     Light Shines    
B2     A Name    
B3     Back To The Fire    
B4     Northern Lights    
B5     Footsoldiers    
B6     Scond Witchwords    

C1     My Ideology    
C2     Old Gods    
C3     Denkmal    
C4     Loki (Acoustic Mix)    

D1     Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood    
D2     Amsterdam    
D3     Brief As A Flower    
D4     Sacrifice Content

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