Music Cassette (narco112) - NARCOLEPSIA

Limited Edition 90 copies

Neither YANA or Circle of Shit have been afraid to experiment during the process in which they have been consolidating their identities so far.
If YANA has been combining “gloomy atmospheric experimental drones, (…) piercing electronics, percussion and sudden screams” and articulating a sense of improvisation with more focused sessions, Circle of Shit has been carving a path of its own, at times unclassifiable, with an ever present
no-fi aura and quite original absurd titles, visuals and overall concepts, blending “obscure industrial field recordings, animalistic growls, fragments of distant and distorted radio transmissions, eventually disintegrating into a flood of noise, (…) a bizarre journey through rotting sewers into a dislocated reality.”
This tape captures particularly raw recordings from a live performance in Utra on 07.09.2019, which somehow happen to turn the final object into a more consistent and very fitting combined effort.

Blue C-40 Cassette with white prints.
Limited edition of 90 copies.

8.00 €
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