Who Can I Turn To Stereo Etc


2xCD Digipak (UNITED JNANA 2006) - JNANA

Remastered reissue of Nurse With Wound's classic 1996 release, 'Who Can I Turn To Stereo'.
It now includes the complete sessions released on the out-of-print and very limited 'Stereo Wastelands' CD, plus the single edit of 'Yagga Blues' besides the previously unreleased and beautiful ambient drone piece 'Eternity' - comprising nearly an extra hour of bonus material.

Includes Peter Sleazy Christopherson and Jhonn Balance of Coil , Alan Trench (Orchis), Alison Webster, and David Gibson of World Serpent, Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) , Petr Vastl (Aranos) , Darragh Grealy (dj and animator, sounds contributor), Davide Meroni (the Italian voice on the album), David Tibet , Sarah Fuller (female voice on the album), Steven Stapleton , Matt Purcell (engineer Harmony Row Studios), Peat Bog (with Freddy)....
A super album!

Who Can I Turn To Stereo / Two Golden Microphones
1-1 Tune Time Machine 2:05
1-2 Landed At Granma's 1:11
1-3 Woollen Numbness Of Anæsthesia 6:53
1-4 Yagga Blues 5:51
1-5 Livin' Fear Of James Last 6:56
1-6 Space Funk With Springs 6:22
1-7 Easy Snapping 2:13
1-8 Home Is Where The Heart Is 5:14
1-9 Monument To Perez Prado 0:53
1-10 Approaching Darkness Fish 3:38
1-11 Darkness Fish 1:28
1-12 The Standard Of Table Daddy 7:20

§ Stereo Wastelands Etc (A Collection Of Musical Debris From The Original Album Sessions)
2-1 Fragments I 18:18
2-2 Fragments II 22:01
2-3 Fragments III 9:45
2-4 Eternity 9:16
2-5 Yagga Blues (Single Edit} 6:16

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