You Are Not Special


CD Digipak (SK145) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 100 copies

Lugola is a noise project from Poland that began in 2012.
Since the very beginning the solo work of Michal 'Neithan' Kielbasa has been a combination of noise, power electronics, drone and dark ambient.
Lugola live performances are partially improvised free-form sonic assaults, physically and emotionally intense.
Visuals are often used.
There are no limits.
There is no future.

This album is a return to the project's roots: an assault on your senses, an almost physical show of nihilism and hate, a channel for all negative thoughts and emotions.
Taking its musical cues from classic harsh noise, power electronics and death industrial breaks - all kinds of limitations without any interest in listener's comfort.
For lovers of Whitehouse, Brighter Death Now, Grunt, Slogun, Con-Dom....
Limited edition of 100 copies in 6-panel digipak.

1  Parade Of Death
2  Better Cancel Yourself
3  Choke
4  Deform
5  Nothing
6  Consume
7  Cut
8  Your Are Not Special

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