Vieraat Aivot



Celebrating 30 years anniversary!
For such purpose Grunt performed two live shows scheduled in the exact month of project formation.
Shows consisted of new material, never heard before in any format not even in very limited tapes.
The sounds can be compared to Studio quality recordingS.
Those two shows presents Grunt works from many angles: from aggressive Industrial-Noise  to Power-Electronics assaults to Screeching Scrap-Metal Loops, from Aggressive Violent Vocals to Narrative-Spoken recited pieces leaning to eerie and Ritualistic-Atmospheres.
The material on this CD was performed for a private audience during late summer 2023 and the two sets combined create a great Grunt album that has many of the known elements, but also pushing sound to formerly unheard directions...
Another masterpiece from the Finnic master!

Digipak plus Booklet.

§   Private live 02092023
1.  Koneen Sisällä
2.  Fofainen Teoria On Hahle
3.  Human Taxidermy
4.  Conquistador Memory Erasure
5.  Cold Cleans Up
6.  Vieraat Aivot

§   Private live 19082023
1.  Euroopan Hautajaiset
2.  Linfolan Perintö
3.  Fofainen Färiestelmä On Erehdys
4.  Vieraat Huulet
5.  Tuhat Huolemaa Sefunnissa

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