Siege (1999-2009)

DEATH PACT INTERNATIONAL [Con-Dom + The Grey Wolves + Wertham]



  • Commando Storm
  • Mission Creep
  • Strategy of Tension

Recorded and assembled between 1999 and 2009, “Siege” is the audio-documentation of the activities of cultural terrorist multiple name entity known since the 80’s as DEATH PACT INTERNATIONAL a monicker worn as a balaklava by several notorious noisemongers to undermine certanties and spread chaos through heavy electronics tracks, slogans and art-war.
For this occasion sounds and words were collected by members of Thee Grey Wolves, Wertham, Con-Dom with the help of other anonymous collaborators.
Power electronics / old school industrial not too dissimilar from compositions of the afore mentioned projects mixing for this occasion studio tracks along with semi-live tracks reworked in studio empowered by further sampling and multiple vocal aggression.

Mastered at the Quadraro basement (Truceklan, Metal Carter, Noyz Narcos, Wertham, etc.) it was well worth the wait of so many years.

the CD comes in a de-lux digi-box Including 9 front/back printed inserts and 1 four pages booklet all pressed on heavy glossy papeR and is limited to 900 copies.
If reprinted (as we think it will be) this CD will be housed in standard Jewel-box with no inserts.

CD Tracklist :
1 - Commando Storm
2 - Obedience
3 - Retaliation 2009
4 - Strike 1 to educate 1000
5 - Operation stay behind
6 - Strategy of tension
7 - Our lady of genocide
8 - Divisive influence - Rahowa
9 - Mission Creep

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