In Flimmernder Nacht ...


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ENDRAUM has been, along with Goethes Erben and Lacrimosa, one of the first German bands on spread its music around the world. This time, Twilight Record presents on a luxury edition, including three unreleased bonus track, the first album of this band that brings together melancholy, romanticism and darkness: in flimmender nacht...

The first band’s album, deleted for ages and released originally by Dance Macabre, well known label of the Das Ich members.

Beautiful pianos are combined with a female voice giving to this album a different and sophisticated sound with all the essence and originality that Endraum is known for. Just like walking on a forest over dry leaves, breathing the cold air of an autumnal morning, Endraum surrounds us with its beauty.

1 Ouvertüre 3:54
2 Schatten Der Nacht 5:51
3 Albatros 8:16
4 Orthosia 1:13
5 Nostalghia 7:15
6 Krumme Schatten Im Stummen Muster 5:08
7 Hommage 2:32
8 Dämmerung Mein Lichterkranz 7:11
9 Demeter 1:25
10 Zerdrückte Kehle 6:22

§   Bonus Tracks
11 Eine Nacht Im Traumstaub (Teil 1) 4:51
12 Pale Blue The Silence 6:11
13 Eine Nacht Im Traumstaub (Teil 2 + 3) 4:44

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