Terre Brulée


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Terre Brulée" is French stands for "scorched earth".
Composed between 2006 and 2008 with the cooperation of various artists, "Terre Brûlée" joins in a register just as much scenic than musical.
Touching universal and timeless subjects, the stage setting evolves according to places,
between will of interactivity and creative varieties.
Often accompanied on stage with the troop of the "Hommes-Tableaux", "Terre brûlée" becomes an alive fresco, a mess of forms and strong colors, deep shadows and jerky lights.
Make up the body of our most lively and the most discreet souls.
Having served different typical of places, the performance is and will always be in search of new experiments of spaces and of contacts.
Best Industrial Ambient.
Terroritmo as guests on one track.

1 Intro (2:34)
2 Terre Brûlée (4:17)
3 Transe Nocturne (4:20)
4 Rising (3:36)
5 Mermaid (4:58)
6 Silbar (4:09)
7 Feedback Interlude (1:53)
8 Cold Sea (4:31)
9 Inneroar (2:40)
10 Le Prisme (4:15) Voice, Drums - Terroritmo
11 Outro (3:40)
12 Untitled (5:04)

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