Human and Divine


CD Digifile (DV82) - DARK VINYL

ASHRAM is a legendary and extremely gifted Italian band, working in the Dark Wave / Neoclassical genre with ambient / atmospheric influences.
The band was formed in 1997 when Sergio Panarella (vocals) and Luigi Rubino (piano) started collecting ideas.
During the process of writing their first songs the duo invited Alfredo (edo) Nortarloberti to be part of the project.
With this line-up the band recorded eleven songs and included seven selected ones on the demo "For My Sun", self-released in 1998, followed by an appearance on Energeia's compilation “Intimations of Immortality Vol. 5” with the song "Spirit of the Rising Moon".

2001 ASHRAM signed with the French label Prikosnovenie for the release of self-titled debut album „Ashram“, accompanied by live shows in Italy and Europe.
2006 ASHRAM released „Shining Silver Skies“ (on the Portuguese label Equilibrium), which was enthusiastically reviewed in magazines and the band started to perform countless international shows and produced music for advertising soundtracks too.
In 2010 Dying Art Productions released the DVD “Gathered under Shining Silver Skies”, which is an amazing document of the bands first and very successful live tour in China 2009.

Ashram is now presenting their much overdue and eagerly expected third full-length album "Human and Divine" , featuring 13 timeless songs: just voice, violin, piano, guitar and… wonderful melodies and moods!
For fans of C93, Corde Oblique and the likes….

01. Spirituality
02. When the Moon Dance
03. Un Tramonto infinito
04. Elevation
05. Resurrection
06. Marie`s sad Songs
07. Child`s Heartbeat
08. Shine on Me
09. Elisewin 1997
10. Good Night
11. Air
12. Marilin
13. Gather all your Flowers

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