CD Digifile (narco064) - NARCOLEPSIA

Narcolepsia and Ominous Recordings shake international hands for a proper re-issue of “Pantanothing”: originally released on tape by the latter in 2017.
This is an album of harsh junks and noisy electronics, with an emphasis on filthy throbbing atmospheres.
The first part is more traditional junk bashing and craptacular electronics, while the second is creepy urban electronics with less junk.
Pressure of ugly buildings captured with kontakt mics on windows, then refined and assembled into episodes.
Recorded and mastered to tape to avoid modern day digi-harshness.

1 Kontravida
2 Merecidas Balas
3 Colgados
4 Pelando Pieles
5 Future Blues
6 Desagüe
7 Limpieza I
8 Ahogo
9 Salida
10 Limpieza III

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